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Caroline | 14 | Poland

Blog dedicated to amazing actress Isabelle Fuhrman.
Anonymous asked: WAIIITTT why are you leavinggggggg?):

because i don’t have time for two blogs. :c and i prefer have one blog

1 year ago
anonymous    answer    

The end

okay this is really end. i leave this blog. i follow my favourites Isabelle’s blogs from my other blog. now you can find me just on knifethrower. bye <3

Anonymous asked: I really wish join to your blog but my edits are crap. :c

oh, don’t say that! I always can check your edit! If you want join to my blog just read this. I really need someone. 

Someone to help on blog!

So like anon recommend me I’m looking for someone to help me on this blog. I need someone who can make good edits (because I doing crap edits) so if you want join to me make edit and post it on `diaryfuhrman` tag. You need have time an of course like Isabelle. I know that probably nobody won’t willing but anyway.

Anonymous asked: ask someone to help

maybe i should do that. thanks for idea. ;)

1 year ago
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Anonymous asked: i mean like have someone help you run the blog as in reblog and post things

i understand now. 

1 year ago
anonymous    answer    
  1. I think the anon means that you should search for someone who wants to own this blog with you! :)
  2. i think they mean have someone help you run your blog ???

but i really don’t think that anyone would wanted it because my blog is sucks!

Anonymous asked: get someone to help you run it

sorry i don’t understand

cow-onna-cloud asked: Aww it's too bad you have to stop this blog, I really enjoyed your Isabelle Fuhrman posts. I've liked that actress since the movie Orphan >.< But i'll still follow ur other blog :)

thanks maybe I come back someday. ;)

loverboygirlonfire asked: I was like "NOO YOU CAN'T LEAVE", until I realized you're knifethrower , and them it felt okay again. :)

so that’s good. ;)

brrutus asked: Wait whaaat ? Are you really going to delete your blog ? Why ? :(

i don’t delete but i leave this blog. maybe someday i come back but i don’t know.  i don’t have time for two blogs. :c

1 year ago
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Anonymous asked: please don't leave this blog! :( this is one of my favourites

sorry, I must do it. :c

1 year ago
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okay, so this is the end

isI just wanna tell you that I leave this blog. Why? Because I don’t have time for two blogs. Maybe someday I’ll be back, but i don’t know. From now you can find me here: knifethrower 


15/100 Favorite Outfits

isabelle fuhrman + WhoSay pictures.